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Immigration Law, Tenancy Law, Employment Law, Social Welfare Law

Immigration Law 

We help with the application for
Temporary resident permits
Family reunification
Tourist or temporary visa
Work permit
Permanent resident permits
Danish citizenship.

We guide and advise on the conditions of asylum, temporary resident permits, family reunification, tourist or temporary visa, work permit, permanent resident permits, and danish citizenship.

We write applications or complaints to Danish Immigration Office or Refugee Appeal Board.

Employment Law 

                                                                                                        - The understanding of your employment contract is our high priority.

- We provide legal services in all kinds of employment contracts.

We assess your termination/dismissal justified with cooperation difficulties, unsuitability, dereliction of duty, work refusal, or overtime refusal.

We help you in terms of banishment at your workplace.

Tenancy Law

Our legal service is effective.                                                         

Are you experiencing any kinds of legal issues with your landlord?
We have a solution for you. Just contact us, and we will find a reasonable explanation.

Social Welfare Law 

We are ready to help you with all kinds of services.                                                        

We write applications to Danish Municipalities and complaints to Appeal Board on Municipalities' decisions.

We bring a fresh and vibrant solution

A satisfied client is our prime concern.

Our main purpose 

You may not stand alone when a legal issue arrives because we want to fight for your rights.
We work hard to deliver a positive result, and your satisfaction is our priority.

Why choose us ?

We speak your language, and we understand your legal challenges.
We know your case means a lot to you, and we are ready to provide proper guidance and advice.
First of all, we assess your case and speak with you before any engagement.
Above all, we provide good explanations before you decide.


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